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You’re sitting at your desk, hard at work – a typical day at the office. But then your boss calls you into his office and informs you that in six weeks, you’re being relocated to another branch across the country! Driving home from work, your head is spinning, thinking about everything that needs to...

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When packing for a move, if you are like most people, it is a chore that you are not looking forward to. It can be a long chore that requires a lot of your time, meaning that you miss out on everything else that is going on. We have compiled several of the packing hacks that have become useful for m...

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For those who are interested in moving to Long Island, there are several homes on the market that are worthy of your consideration. Remember, that when moving into the Long Island area, we are the premier moving company to consider for moving your items safely! This home from Brown Harris Stevens...

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