If you are trying to move, and to do so you are waiting for your house to sell, there may be an issue with the appearance of your home that is causing this delay in a move. And if you are like most people, you are going to find that you have an ideal time frame for when you want your move to happen. So, what do you do when these things don’t go as planned? If your home is not selling yet, there are a few things that you could consider. These are things that we have seen past clients do and they have found success with these.

1)  Consider hiring a professional to help stage your home. Staging has often shown to sell a home faster, which is exactly what you want!

2)  Make sure that you de-clutter your home. We recommend going ahead and packing those items that you are not going to need anytime soon. Then place these boxes in a storage building so they aren’t seen. This can also help making the final moving process quicker.

3)  Consider how your home is being advertised as being on the market. Ensure that your agent is putting this online for the home to easily be found.

4)  Have an open house, as this can be a great way to gain attention to your home.

Remember, it may take time to sell a home, so if you need to move now, you may have to look at alternate ways of moving and still having your home on the market. Whenever you are ready to move be sure that you are calling us in plenty of time to start your move. The sooner you plan for the move, the easier that this is going to go!