Moving In Together

Any kind of household move in Nassau County can be a challenge, but it’s even harder when you’re combining households. Whether you’re moving into your significant other’s current place or are settling down into your first home together, we’ve gathered a few tips to make this experience easier on everyone.

Moving in Together? Tips for What to Keep, What to Lose, and How to Manage It All

1. Make plans together.

Whether he’s moving into your place, you’re moving into her place, or you’re downsizing together, make sure to equally involve both parties (and any relevant family members).Take the time to communicate your expectations for moving as well as living together, considering questions like:

  • How much help do you want from household moving company?

  • How much labor (both physical and mental) do you expect to do yourselves?

  • Whose name(s) will be on the lease?

  • How will you handle shared expenses, including those acquired during the move?

2. Don’t neglect your emotions.

Moving in together is a big step, and whether or not you choose to work with professional apartment movers, it’s important to take the time to process this experience mentally and emotionally.Even though excitement may be your primary emotion, you and your partner will also likely experience some stress, nostalgia, and bittersweet feelings. 

Try to talk about your feelings together so that you both feel supported and comfortablePaying attention to the big-picture emotional aspect of moving in together will better prepare you for the little details and tasks.

3Compare your “stuff” way before you move.

A common mistake is to wait to go through your belongings until you actually move. What happens then? You end up paying local movers to transport items that only end up being donated or thrown away! 

It might not be very fun, but it’ll save you money and time to make an inventory of everything you and your partner own. By comparing belongings long before you move, you’ll easily find redundancies and avoid packing up two toasters, two TVs, or two sofas. If you aren’t sure whose items to keep and whose to donate, think about:

  • The size and layout of your new space
  • The resale value of the items
  • The aesthetic appeal of the items
  • Any emotional attachment

4Work with professional residential movers.

Although some couples manage to combine households on their own, the entire experience will be much less stressful if you work with qualified and experienced residential moversAt Quality Moving & Storage, we’ve been Nassau County’s go-to household moving company for more than 20 years, and we specialize in hassle-free relocations of any size and scope. 

Reach out to our local movers today to see how we can handle every step of you and your partner’s move—from planning and packing to transportation, set-up, and storage! We can give you expert guidance on commonly faced problems, local donation spots, and other tips and tricks for saving time and money as you combine householdsGive us a call to find out more, or use our quick online form to request your free in-home moving consultation and quote today!