Every year, thousands of people move to and around the Long Island area. The reasons for a move vary from one person to the next, with many people having changes in their families that result in needing more space, while other people may be moving closer to their job due to the astronomical prices that are being seen at the pump. For those who plan to move at any point in 2022, no matter what the reason for this move, here are the top 15 tips that you need to remember for your 2022 move!

Top 10 Tips For A Move

1. Start planning sooner rather than later! When you know a move is happening, start with packing and preparing those areas of your home that may not be used as much so that you can do a little at a time rather than all at once.

2. Get estimates from movers to find the best one. Remember, here at Quality Moving & Storage we offer free quotes for any move. Never, and we repeat NEVER, pay for an estimate for your move, as this is a huge red flag to run the other way.

3. Start making lists of everything that needs to be done before this move. Include things like, what needs to be packed, what needs to be donated, the companies that need to know your change of address, etc.

4. Go ahead and start compiling your packing supplies. Nothing is worse than having to stop packing because you run out of supplies. Get plenty of boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.

5. Make piles for donating items that you no longer use, there is no need to move items that you are not going to want to keep. Instead, donate these to someone in need. Consider donating these to local Long Island charities that are in need of items.

6. Label, label, label! This is important that you label each box thoroughly. You want to easily find these items when you unpack, so go with more detail than what you may think you need. Trust us, it will pay off when unpacking.

7. Make arrangements for kids or pets for the day that you are moving so that they are not underfoot which could cause injury to the kids or pets.

8. Know the items that you cannot pack for us to move with you! This includes anything flammable or dangerous. In addition, you may want to keep photographs, jewelry, and other important papers with you for safekeeping.

9. Consider hiring a moving company that also offers packing services. This can make your move ten times easier. Quality Moving & Storage does offer packing services which include crating those custom items that may need this. The extra cost is often worth the time and headaches saved for many Long Island moves.

10. Ask questions if you need to. If there is something that you do not understand, ask questions. We always welcome potential customers to ask us anything related to their move, the quote, or the team that will be handling their move. This open line of communication will ensure that your move is much easier!