Believe it or not, tons of people around Long Island move during the last year, during the holiday chaos. While Halloween may not be a big deal, you still have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up to plan and enjoy. This situation raises an important question that many people ask themselves, “Should they put up their holiday decor when they plan on moving during the holidays?”

The answer to this question varies according to when you are moving and just what type of decor that you are putting out. Here are some considerations that you may want to make:

1.  If you are moving before the big holidays, then putting out your decor could be a waste of time, as you are not going to be able to enjoy it. The rule of thumb to remember is that if you are moving before the holiday in question, then don’t bother decorating for it.

2.  If you are showing your house to potential buyers, then putting out decor could affect the whole look of your home, ultimately affecting the sale. It is fine to be minimal in decor when showing your home, but don’t go all the way out, as you want your home itself to shine to potential buyers.

3.  It may be better to put your decor into your new home rather than unpacking it and then packing it back up to move. Just be sure to have your professional movers set the decor box in your living space so you can see this when unpacking everything.

4.  Consider how soon you will move and whether it will interfere with the holiday? For example, you can decorate for Halloween if you are not moving until closer to Thanksgiving.

Ultimately, the key to decorating for the holidays is all going to boil down to when you are moving and whether you are showing your home. Of course, this means that as soon as you get into the new home you can go decorating crazy and put it all out there!

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