When moving into a new home, once the movers have left, you have boxes everywhere. And yes, there are tons of items that you may need to unpack first. For example, many people often start by getting their bedrooms ready to go so that they can get a good night's sleep in their new home. And this is an excellent idea!

However, our list of items is meant to help you get into the fine art of unpacking your items to make your new house a home. So, what should you make sure is within reach in your new home?

1.  Your cleaning supplies! Remember, you want to clean certain items of your new home even if it looks like it was clean before the movers moved items into your home. For example, does anyone want to sit on a toilet seat that has yet to be cleaned by you? The same can be said of using the sinks and tubs in your new home.

2.  Be sure to have your headphones or Bluetooth speaker ready. There is nothing better than having a collection of music to listen to when you are unpacking. It has been shown to help you really get into the grove of unpacking and placing items where they need to go.

3.  Don’t forget to unpack your coffee maker and mugs for the first morning in your new home. And if you need a little pick me up during your first day in your new home. Have a steady supply of water on hand, too, so that you can hydrate if you start to work up a sweat while unpacking.

4.  Have some snacks on hand when you first get to your new home. The best idea is to stop at a convenience store to get a few protein bars, juices, or whatever else you may want. And if you do get hungry later, make sure that you just order a pizza or other food so that you are not adding unpacking all your cookware and going to the grocery to the list of things to get done now.

5.  If you really want to make a new house that is not unpacked feel like home, then consider burning a candle with a scent that makes you think of home. For example, if you always burned a mint candle at your old home, go ahead and use this in your new home. You will be amazed at just how much more at home you feel when it smells comforting.

For those who know they will be moving in the future, be sure to take the time to get the best movers to help with your move. Quality Moving & Storage is here to help with your move and even help you with packing!