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It is a New Year, which means tons of people will be making decisions about the new place they may be moving to this year. Those who are moving, they will find that the cost of moving is something that factors heavily into whether you decide to move or not. However, there are ways in which you can save money when you move in 2023!

1.  Yes, hire professional movers

It may seem counter-intuitive, but you will find that professional movers are often the cheaper option in the long run. Don’t be fooled by DIY trucks that you drive yourself, as they do not take into consideration the cost of fuel and the hours that you have to put into getting your items into the truck. Plus, we have found that many people who try to do this on their own, end up making more trips with a large truck since they do not know the proper way to pack all their belongings onto the truck.

2.  Downsize before the move

There is no point in moving items that you no longer need or want or those items that will not work in your new home. Remember, when you are moving the weight is what you are paying your movers for. So, cut out the weight means lowering the cost of your move.

3.  Schedule your move for a weekday

The higher prices are often on weekends since they are in high demand. If you schedule your move for a weekday, you are likely to get a better overall price on the move.

4.  Consider an out-of-season move

The moving season is really the Spring and the Summer. If you can move during the Winter or the Fall you will have a cheaper moving rate in most cases. During the off-season, you also may find that you have your pick of days to do this -- which is great to fit a busy schedule.

5.  Take stock of items that you can use for packing

While you could go out and buy huge rolls of bubble wrap, you may find that you have tons of blankets and items that will be great for wrapping delicate belongings. These blankets have to be packed as well for the move, so why not put them to use as padding?

Remember, when moving during 2023, take plenty of time to plan out the move and you will find that this makes your overall move that much better!

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