Moving to a new home is an expensive task, even if you DIY the entire move. However, there are ways to reduce and offset the costs of moving house. If you are looking to save a little money on your next residential move, consider some of these ideas.

Pair Down Your Household Belongings

Many moving companies charge by weight when completing a long-distance move. If you can reduce the amount of belongings you want to move, it will help reduce the cost of your relocation overall. Even if you are moving locally having fewer belongings means the job goes faster and you'll pay less for manhours. There are lots of ways to streamline your household, including:

  • Donating unwanted clothing and furniture to a local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a friend.
  • Donating non-perishable foods to a local food bank or charity. These places usually accept shelf-stable goods like cans and glass jars, freeze-dried food, dried foods, and food in laminated pouches.

Make Money on a Garage/Yard Sale

If you are able to hold a yard sale at your property, this may be a good way to let go of some items while also making a little extra cash to offset moving costs. The key to a successful yard sale is plenty of advanced notice around your local neighborhood. 

Consider placing an ad on Facebook or Craigslist letting the community know about your upcoming sale. You should also make up signs directing people to the yard sale from the nearest well-traveled road. Make sure to put the date of the yard sale on the sign so people know exactly when to swing by your property.

Recycle Metal Items and Equipment

If you have any old metal sheets, cans, or even a piece of equipment, like an old exercise bike, you may be able to sell it at the local recycler. These places take scrap metal, copper, and aluminum at a per pound rate. So, you'll also get some spending cash for your move.

Use Linens and Towels as Packing Materials

Save on the costs of packing materials, like newsprint and bubble wrap, by using your household linens in an innovative way. You can wrap them around fragile items or use them to fill in the empty spaces inside moving boxes. This way you can also move the linens without them taking up extra boxes.

Request Any Free Moving Supplies and Reusable Moving Supplies

Some moving companies offer free moving supplies for customers who want to DIY the packing process. Always ask your residential movers if they have any free supplies you can use. Even movers who don't offer packing supplies may have reusable moving supplies, like wardrobe boxes and moving pads that make the process a lot easier.

Minimize Your Off-Site Storage Use

It's tempting to leave your belongings in storage for awhile after moving to a new place, but it does cost extra money. Have the movers deliver your household goods to your home as soon as possible. You can even take delivery of your stored items ahead of the planned date with some movers.

Request a Free Estimate from a Moving Company in Long Island

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