Bulky Appliances Can Be A Pain To Move -- Let This Guide Help

When you are ready to move from one Long Island, NY home to another, your washing machine may be one of those appliances that you take. Not everyone moves their washing machine -- it really depends on the situation.

For some people who sell their home, their old washing machine is considered a part of the sale. While others will be taking their washing machine with them as personal property. Renters may have to move their machine or not, depending upon the type of rental agreement they have.

If you are moving your washing machine, just how do you do this safely? It can be a daunting job, that is for certain.

1. Have A Route To Go

Plan ahead and know how to get the washing machine out of its position and out the door. Now, if you are going downstairs, professional help is the best way to go.

Be sure that your hallways are clear of items so you have a clear path to get your washing machine out of your home.

Of course, if your washing machine is located in a garage, that is a super easy location.

2. A Dolly Will Help

A dolly will allow you to roll the washing machine to where you need it, saving your back! Due to the weight of washing machines, people can easily become injured when moving these.

3. Have Old Towels Ready And Waiting

Once you disconnect the water lines from the washing machine, there will be water that leaks onto the floor. While that may not be a concern if your washing machine is in a garage or basement, any water on floors can cause damage. So, have old towels on hand to wipe up the mess.

Best Advice: Leave It To The Professionals

The best advice for anyone is to leave moving your washing machine to the professionals. Why? They know what they are doing!

Professional movers are going to have all the tools needed to disconnect the washer safely and get it loaded onto a truck to take to your new home. It saves you from having to go out and buy or rent a dolly, and it saves you from potential injury.

Quality Moving & Storage For Your Long Island, NY Move

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