Many homeowners simply do not have sufficient space for all of their necessary belongings. If you live in a smaller home and need extra room, a storage facility can fulfill that need. There are many benefits to using a storage facility for your extra belongings, especially over the winter when many of your items are not being used. Outdoor recreation equipment like camping gear, kayaks, and clothing can all be securely stored away for the season so that you don't have to deal with extra clutter in your house.

Quality Moving & Storage is the premier moving and storage company in the NYC area, and we provide top-tier storage services for all of our customers. Our facility comes with a range of advantages that you can enjoy to help make your life more organized and stress-free. Below, we'll discuss the key features and benefits that are offered by our storage company.

Comprehensive 24 Hour Security

It can be stressful when your home possessions are stored at a third-party location. Many self-storage facilities from other companies are unsecured, making it risky to keep your belongings there. At Quality Moving & Storage, all of your objects will be safe and sound. We maintain a 24-hour surveillance system to help safeguard your belongings from theft, as well as fire detection systems to prevent damage in the case of an emergency.

Short and Long Term Solutions Available

We understand that your storage needs will be flexible. That's why we offer both short and long-term options so that you can receive the quality solutions you need. Whether you're looking to keep something for just a few weeks while you settle into your new home, or you'd like to store things more permanently, we'll be there for you. We even offer customizable storage plans so that you only pay for the exact services you need. The best part of our facility is that all of your possessions can be quickly moved to a new destination as soon as you let us know that it's time.

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When it comes to household and commercial storage in NYC, no one has more high-end options than our team at Quality Moving & Storage. Our state-of-the-art facility, ample security, and flexible options ensure that you get the exact services you need.

We offer a range of moving services in NYC as well, such as:

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