Whether you’re headed across the street or across the country, moving is a complicated process, and when you add young children to the mix, the prospect of moving can become downright overwhelming. As an experienced residential moving company in Long Island, Quality Moving & Storage knows what an undertaking moving with kids can be, and we want to make the process easier on you. Check out our top tips for relocating with young children below.

Get Them Involved

Involving your kids in the moving process helps them feel a bit more in control during this chaotic time, and there are multiple ways to include your children as you prepare to move. If you are having a yard sale prior to moving, ask your kids to help you put price stickers on items, or let your children pack a few of their own moving boxes (just know you may have to repack or reorganize their boxes).

Ask for Help

If friends and family offer to watch your kids so you can get some packing done, don’t hesitate to accept the offer. Ask family to take your kids to a movie, playground, or out for lunch so you have a few uninterrupted hours.

Pack a “Moving Day” Bag

Your essentials box probably contains utensils, clothing, and toiletries that you’ll need right away at your new home, but does it include what’s important to your kids? Many young kids have a stuffed animal, blanket, or other item that brings them comfort and it’s important to help your child feel as secure and comfortable as possible during this transition. Help them feel more confident by letting them pick something that they treasure, so they have comfort when the big day arrives.

Choose Kid-Friendly Movers

When you’re choosing your moving company in Long Island, you want to be sure the movers are experienced, skilled, and that they are child-friendly. At Quality Moving & Storage, we understand moving is so much more than getting your items from point A to point B. Our Long Island movers go above and beyond to reduce the amount of stress on your family during this transition.

For more tips and advice about making your move easier, contact Quality Moving & Storage today! Call to speak with a friendly moving specialists, or complete our quick online form to request more information and your free estimate of moving costs.