For those who are preparing for a move, and who are renters, there are several things that they will want to have on hand to make this move easier! If you have already called us and prepared for the move, along with packed your items, then most of the hard issues are behind you. However, renters are going to find that they may have certain moving needs when compared to those who are moving into a home that they own. We have outlines a few things that you need to prepare before this move!

Information for Contacts

You are going to not only want the contact information for your moving company if you are running behind or something arises. However, you will want the contact information for:

-Your new landlord

-Utilities at your new location to ensure these are on and ready for you

-Current landlord to let them know that you have moved out

Packing Supplies

Always keep extra packing supplies on hand, even if you think that you are done packing. Why is this? You never know when something arises that will need to be packed. Or when a roll of tape is going to come in handy for your tasks! 

Have Dinner Options Listed

This may not be of much concern for those who have a smartphone, but imagine how much easier it could make it when you have a list of possible dinner option for your first night in your new rental? No one wants to cook on their first night in a new home. And more than likely you have been snacking all day on items, so a good, filling dinner is going to be a great option for the first night in your new home. 

Renters are going to find that a move can be just as stressful as if they owned the home they are moving out of. The only easy aspect for renters is that they do not have to worry about waiting for a move due to selling a home first. And remember, whether you rent or own your home, we can help move you easily!