What is the one activity that people hate doing? Moving! While many people look at making a move as a great adventure to be had, there are still several aspects that they absolutely despise! This hatred for moving can make a person feel even more frustrated when the time comes to move. However, moving is inevitable. But, what is about moving that people hate the most? We have the top 5!

Moving is Compared to Death…A Lot

Why is it that you hear people saying that moving is like death? While moving is certainly not going to cause your death. It can be as though you are leaving behind the life that you once knew and going into something that you do not know much about. Several people who move into the Long Island area are coming from other towns. Thus, they are leaving behind everything that they once knew for a new experience.

There is Too Much to Do!

This is so true! For those who have never moved before, the idea of moving may not be that drastic. That is until they get into this! There is not only finding a new place to live, but there is also:

-  Cleaning your current residence for the new owners or tenants

-  Packing everything, and ensuring that this is not going to break

-  Loading everything onto a truck

-  Driving to your new location

-  And then unpacking

There is also the process of relocating that involves switching insurance, drivers license, memberships and the like. So, yes, we understand why many people dread the idea of moving so much! Luckily, we are full-service movers, so we can take away a lot of this step. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply call us up, arrange a date and have us handle the heavy lifting? Most definitely!

The Cost

The cost of moving is a huge factor as to why people dread having to move. There is not only the cost of the movers, but the cost of putting down deposits for those who are renting, and then canceling memberships that may charge you for doing so. Moving can be expensive. That is why when you are moving with professionals, be sure to get quotes from a few different moving companies to get the best rate. You will find that Quality Moving & Storage offers a fair rate for honest and professional work.