When you decide that a move is in your best interest, there are several do’s and don’ts that you are going to be told. If you listen to everyone, you may feel as though moving is something that you want to avoid at all costs! However, do not let all this advice deter you from your goals. That is why we have highlighted the three complications that you will want to avoid. If you avoid these three complications, you will find that your move will be one that is easier and will allow you to keep your sanity!

1.  Try to do everything on your own!

Many people think that they can do this move on their own. They avoid calling in a professional moving company or even asking for help from their friends. However, let’s face it…some items are too heavy to lift on your own. In addition, not asking for help may mean that your move takes double the time to complete.

2.  Hiring the first company you find!

We see this mistake on more than one occasion. Many people simply hire the first company that they come across. And this is a huge mistake! Be sure to talk with several companies to get a quote that you like. In addition, check on their customer service, what are others saying about them, and what type of reputation do they have in the moving industry? Going with the wrong company could mean having a disastrous move.

3.  Not planning a move with time in mind

Having to make a move in a hurry is not out of the question. However, the more time that you have to plan for this move, the better you are going to be. However, if you do not plan properly, you can expect this move to be disastrous. Forgotten items left behind, boxes that are not properly packed, and mass confusion could be expected.

If you are serious about moving, even if you are on a limited time frame, be sure to call Quality Moving & Storage, we can help. We have professional movers, packers and all the solutions to make your move go flawless!