Have you recently moved into a new home? If so, throw a housewarming party! Housewarming parties have been around for a while, and they are a great way to get family and friends into your new home to not only see the house itself, but to help with the unpacking in many situations!

A History of Housewarming Parities

No one really knows for sure when the housewarming party was invented, but we do know it has been around for many years. In past centuries, before the invention of central heat, housewarming parties were given to warm the house?! Friends, new neighbors and family would travel to the new home and help to build fires in the fireplaces, along with offering “warmth” for the house. It was believed that through having these friendly faces in the house, the friendship would repeal evil spirits. This was especially important if the house had sat within occupants for a few years.

Housewarming Parities Today

Today, while we don’t have housewarming parties to warm the house, both literally and figuratively, many people are still hosting these parities. Why? For a few reasons:

-  Help with unpacking from family and friends

-  A great way to meet the new neighbors

-  It simply makes the house feel like home

With this being said, here are a few ideas for throwing your housewarming party:

1.  Be sure that you let people know that attend you will be asking for small amounts of help. For example, you may want to paint a room or even have some of your handy friends throw up a few shelves on the wall. Be sure that people know there may be some labor when they attend!

2.  Have tons of snacks and drinks on hand! This is a time to be merry and have fun, so have the food and drinks ready to go.

3.  If you plan on making this housewarming party one in which people are helping you to move in, be sure that you state no gift is required. Their gift is going to be helping you to get settled into your new home!

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