Here at Quality Moving and Storage we want to ensure that everyone is staying safe whether they are moving this Halloween or not! For those who are in the Long Island area for Halloween, remember that each area may have a slightly different time schedule for when the event is going to start. However, most people go by the sunset rule in which the trick or treaters will stop once the sun sets, but this is not always the case.

For those who are trick or treating this year, here are a few safety rules to help you be safe while out and about:

  1. Be sure to go neighborhoods that are you are familiar with and comfortable with.
  2. Kids should have a flashlight or even a glow in the dark stick attached to them so that they are easily seen by others.
  3. Consider going to those neighborhoods that close off the streets to make this even safer!
  4. Be sure to go through your child’s candy and throw out any that has been opened or is not individually wrapped.
  5. If your child has allergies, be sure to double check their candy stash to avoid getting those items that could lead to an ER visit.
  6. Make sure that your child’s costume is not dragging the ground, as this can be a tripping hazard.
  7. Talk about stranger danger with your children so that they know they should not enter into the home of someone that they do not know.
  8. Remind kids to not eat their candy while they are still trick or treating…this should not be eaten until everyone is home and this has been looked through.
  9. Feed your kids a snack before they go trick or treating to make it easier to ignore the lure of the candy!
  10. Instead of costumes with face masks, try your hand at making this work with makeup. Makeup is not going to affect the vision like a lot of these masks do, which could be a safety concern when crossing the street.

Halloween is a fun time, and with these tips everyone can make it home safe and sound!

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