Many people are downgrading their current home space for a variety of reasons. Those who are older and have no kids at home find that a huge empty house is not something that they can take care of. For some people, downgrading is due to their personal circumstances such as getting a new job and moving into a new city. Whatever your reason for downgrading, we understand the frustrations that come along with this. This is especially true for those who are accustomed to tons of room or who always thought that they would live somewhere where space was not an issue.

For those who are getting ready to downgrade, there are a few tips that can help you with moving into a smaller space and ensuring that you are happy with this move!

Change your Mindset

This is probably the best tip that we can give. While you may have not wanted to downgrade into a smaller home, look at the bright side of things. There are a few positives to having a smaller home including:

-  Easier upkeep

-  Decreased utility bills since you are dealing with a smaller home

Focus on the positives of this situation so that you can have a mindset that is ready to take on this new challenge!

Ditch some Items

This cannot be stated enough! You will have ditch a few items when moving into a smaller home. We suggest that you look through all your belongings and classify them as things that you couldn’t bear to give up as you would be heartbroken, items that you don’t really use, and items that you didn’t even remember you had. All these categories you know that you can get rid of those items that you don’t use as well as those items that you don’t remember that you had. Bonus Tip: If you do find yourself having too much stuff to downgrade, why not consider a storage unit for those extra items. Many people look at storage units as a way to add more space to their current home.

Change your Habits

Having a smaller home means that you are going to have to alter your habits! One idea is to remain more organized and perhaps even adopt the policy of one thing in, one thing out. If you have a habit of hoarding items, then you are going to find that your habits have to change otherwise you are going to be pushed out of your own home!

Whether you are moving to a mansion or a small home, we can help. Here at Quality Moving & Storage we are the professionals you need to get your move underway and running flawlessly!