Here at Quality Moving and Storage we are devoted to helping you get packed and moved into your new home or even arranging for your items to be stored in a storage facility until your new home is ready. However, we also care about our customers. That is why we have several safety tips that you are going to want to remember for your new home from what you need to do to ensure a safe first night to ensuring that the move in process is safe for everyone involved!

1.  Hardwood or laminate floors are not going to work with towels to prevent damage. We all know the tip about laying down old towels in the event that it is raining and to help prevent what shoes are tracking in. However, doing this with a hard floor surface is a recipe for disaster! It can lead to everyone falling and this can lead to a serious issue while moving. Instead, using something that has a rubber backing to prevent slipping.

2.  Be sure that you have fire extinguishers placed in the home even if you do not think that you will be cooking the first night in your new home. The sooner you have these where they need to be, the sooner you are protected!

3.  Test your smoke alarms while the movers are moving things into your new home. Many people don’t test, they simply replace the batteries upon moving in, which is an option if you want to be on the safer side.

4.  While unpacking if you break something, clean up the glass now. Don’t wait! Moving in a stressful time and if you were to break something and think that you will get to it later, chances are later you will find yourself stepping on the glass and causing some more issues.

5.  Ensure that the door locks are working and in proper order. If you have time, replace these. This is something that some people do while the movers are unloading, as long as they are not in the way of the unloading crew, it will be fine to do this.

6.  When stacking boxes after getting these off the truck, be sure that they are not going to high. If you are going to be unpacking these, you don’t want to pull a muscle trying to get those boxes that may be stacked too high. The good news is that our pros know what they are doing, and they are not going to do this to you!

For those who are moving, it is an exciting time. However, don’t let the excitement gloss over the fact that you need ensure you are being safe while moving into this new home.