When moving time rolls around, chances are you have tons of things on your mind. You are probably nervous about the move wondering if this was the right decision to make, whether you are going to enjoy your new location and the like. You may also be wondering about those valuables that you have in your home. Are they going to be safe on a moving truck? Should you have arranged for something different than packing these up and moving them?

What are Valuables?

When you hear someone say ‘valuables’, what do you think of? Chances are you are thinking about items that have a high monetary value like expensive jewelry. However, valuables can also be given this title when they have a special memory associated with them. Such as having a special quilt that belonged to a great-grandmother. These are valuables that you may not be able to put a price on if they were to get damaged or disappeared.

How to Move Valuables

Now that you know what a valuable is, how can you move these and have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands? We have a few pieces of advice to remember:

1. Consider moving highly valuable pieces on your own. For example, if you have a piece of jewelry that is priceless to you, then move this with you. The same can be said of those pieces that hold a sentimental value to you.

2. You can let professionals move this for you. However, be sure that you do your research on the moving company that you have decided to go with. You will want to ensure that they are trustworthy and are going to treat your valuables with respect.

3. Be sure that these valuables are packed with their value in mind. Wrap these, protect them with bubble wrap and clearly mark the boxes!

For those who are looking for professional movers that they can trust, Quality Moving & Storage is here for your moving needs. We can handle your valuables and ensure they arrive in pristine shape and are safe while being moved.