Halloween is not far away, are you ready? For those who call Long Island home there are tons of activities that are taking place for adults and children so that they can celebrate the holiday in style and safety. With this being said, we want everyone to have a great Halloween celebration and for that reason we have a few safety tips for kids and adults who will be celebrating!

Tips for Kids

Trick or treating is a huge ordeal for kids. After all, who doesn’t love candy?! Here are a few tips for parents and kids to remember:

  1. Check your candy before eating this. Be sure that you are only eating candy that is fully wrapped. Throw away those pieces that have been unwrapped.

  2. Only go trick or treating during those hours that the town deems. If you are out after dark, be sure to wear something reflective to be safe. 

  3. Stay in neighborhoods that you trust.

  4. Only go to homes that are participating in trick or treating!

Tips for Adults

Halloween is not just for kids anymore! Many adults go to clubs, bars and parties that are celebrating this holiday. Here are a few safety tips to remember for adults:

  1. If you are going to be drinking, be sure to use a designated driver. Or you can call an Uber when you are ready to go home. 

  2. Go with a group for safety reasons and this can make this more fun. 

  3. If you are out and about, be sure that you are paying attention to your surroundings. 

Halloween is a great time of the year in which we can all step away from our normal lives and become something else. Whether you become a vampire, a character from a favorite kids show, or maybe Tom Cruise from the movie “Risky Business”, have fun but be safe!