For those who move, we all know that decluttering is often a huge part of the packing process. But, what happens when you need to move and move fast. Maybe you don’t have time to declutter as you are packing? This is the case for many people. However, there are a few things that you can do that are going to be fast...while they may not be that in depth, at least it can help to lighten your load even if you are in a hurry!

  1. Have a box that you have written donation on and toss things into this as you find them. This way you don’t have to devote a whole day to finding items, just do this as you go.

  2. Give 10 minutes every day prior to your move for decluttering a portion of your home. When you only have 10 minutes you make these counts and it often helps to declutter even faster.

  3. If you keep finding single socks...toss these. Who knows what happens to the mates of these socks, but there is no point in packing a box of single socks with no mate.

  4. If the item is questionable when you are packing in that room, then make a split second decision. Chances are you don’t need it if you haven’t used it in a while.

  5. If there is dust piled on the item, this shows that you haven't used donate it!

  6. All newspapers, magazines and the like need to be recycled. Do not pack these types of items as that is just added weight on the truck.

  7. Get rid of pantry items if you do not want to pack these or don’t have the time, donate these to a local food bank or homeless shelter that could use these!

If you are ready to move and need to get this done fast, then be sure to give us a call here at Quality Moving & Storage as we are here for your moving needs!