Are you excited with the prospect of hosting a backyard event at your home? After social isolation comes to an end, you bet that people will be excited to have their friends and family back into their home. But, remember, safety needs to be thought about before hosting a huge gathering. Everyone will be starting back small, so think of a small backyard gathering that is going to allow you to social distance, while still enjoying one another. For those who are new to their home, this can be a great time to show off the location as well!

To ensure that you are ready for your summer backyard gathering, here are a few tips to help with entertaining and to help your stress levels!

1. Be sure that everyone has somewhere to sit. You don’t want people getting tired of standing and leaving before the party starts. Whether you bring out camping chairs or you have patio furniture that is sitting on a deck, you will want to have enough seating for everyone.

2. Have refreshments that are easily at hand for everyone to serve themselves. This means maybe having an area devoted to drinks that are placed in coolers to keep them cool. Food wise, consider finger foods that you can prepare beforehand so that everyone can grab this and go, rather than you having to devote your time to cooking while others are having a good time. You can even break out the grill if you want!

3. If there are going to be kids present, be sure that you have some outdoor activities for the kids to do. Remember, you want everyone to get some fresh air after having to social isolate in their homes for so long.

4. Remember the bug spray! Or you can opt to place bug deflecting candles along the yard to keep these pesky bugs away.

5. Have sunscreen on hand for those who forget this as well. You don’t want anyone to go home feeling like they were wrong to attend as they stare at skin that is the color of a lobster.

Have fun! Laugh, tell stories and just reconnect after your time of having to do everything digitally. However, still be safe. Everyone should wash their hands, and still keep a distance between them.