Are you looking to sell your home and move? For those who are doing this, they need to be certain that their home is one that is going to pass inspection. Otherwise, you may find that buyers aren’t interested. Plus, when your home is as good as you had thought, then you are justified in charging the price for your home that you have chosen. With this being said, here are a few tips to help you make sure that you are doing everything by the book and getting your home approved by an inspector!

1. The small details are going to matter, so take the time to look at these.

It is the small things that often get people. For example, when did you last change your furnace filter? Having a clean filter in place when the home is being inspected gives the inspector the idea that with a clean filter, you took the time to take care of this home.

2. Make sure that the basement doesn’t smell like a regular basement.

Most basements have a musty smell, this can deter inspectors and even potential buyers. So, invest in a dehumidifier to get this smell out of the basement. You may even want to burn a candle in the basement to help with the musty smell, but only do this once you have a dehumidifier running in the basement.

3. Make sure that the faucets are running and the water pressure is good.

Potential buyers and inspectors are going to check this out first and foremost. If you have leaky faucets, replace these. If there is a water pressure issue, get this fixed before people start to look at your home!

4. Your home can look as though it is lived in, just make sure it is neat.

We often hear people say that you should have everything out of the home, but if you are living there, this can be seen. Do go through and do some decluttering and removing the extra junk around the area. But, you can still live here and get a home sold.

If you are ready to move, then you have to get your home sold, and these tips can hopefully help you to set your home above the others that are on the market. Remember, despite COVID-19 there are people moving. And there are tons of homes on the market, making this a buyers market. For those who do succeed in selling their home, be sure to arrange for your move with Quality Moving & Storage. You will find that this will make your move so much easier!