For whatever reason, you may be facing a cross country move. This is very different than doing a move that is just across town or even a few towns over. The good news is that you will find that moving companies can still handle a cross country move. Here at Quality Moving & Storage we have handled hundreds of long distance moves with amazing results...including the fact that this greatly reduces the stress that people feel when moving, especially such a long distance, when they use our services.

With this being said, a cross country move can get to be expensive and time consuming. We have a few tips that can make this cross country move a bit more affordable and easier.

1. Consider getting rid of extra items

When moving that long of a distance, why move things that you are not going to need or want when you arrive. That is just more weight that you are having to pay to move. So, the best bet is to get rid of these items through donating them or trashing them completely.

2. Be sure that you clean items before packing

This way when you arrive at your new location you are going to be able to unpack without worrying about having to clean when you are already tired from this venture.

3. Consider using packing materials that you can reuse

For example, many people opt to use plastic bins for packing their items because they can use these again later if they know that they will be moving again in a year or so.

For those who are getting ready for a cross country move, the biggest tip that we can give you is to properly plan this move. This is a long distance and you need to make sure that you have detailed plans on how to make sure that this move goes off flawlessly!