Whether it is snow or rain, Long Island has a mix of weather conditions that can affect your move. What should you do if you are moving during stormy conditions? We have a few tips to help keep your belongings from getting ruined and to help ensure the home stays in good condition rather than a wet mess!

1. Have some old towels or even tarps to put near the door in which movers and others will be coming in and out. This is going to prevent water from entering into the home.

2. Have extra towels that can dry off boxes before they are placed into the room that they will go. This will also help to avoid more water into the home.

3. Pack your boxes tightly. There is nothing that is worse than boxes half full that becomes wet, as it can lend them to break and the like. Put a little extra packing tape around the boxes for additional support, since rain or melted snow will bead up on this tape. And remember, keep your boxes at about 50 pounds or less to make them easier to move and stack!

4. Wrap furniture in plastic wrap and furniture pads to protect these expensive belongings from the weather.

5. Ready yourself for dealing with the weather. Be sure that you are wearing shoes that have a good grip and a jacket that has a hood so you don’t have to worry about holding an umbrella.

For those who are gearing up for a move, remember that Quality Moving & Storage is here to help with this move in any way that we can, including full-service moves which includes helping with packing!