You have tons of packing to do before your move, and it will take time. That is why we always suggest that you start packing as soon as you can to help lessen the burden on you. However, what type of protective packing material should you use? Should you use a packing material? These are just a few of the questions that we are here to answer!

Should you use packing materials?

Most definitely you should be using packing materials! The main job of the packing materials is to ensure that your items get to your new home in one piece. Investing in the right packing materials is going to make all the difference in the end result of your move.

Which packing materials to use?

When it comes to packing materials you do have options. Here are some of the top packing materials that people use:

1. Packing paper

Packing paper is the most often go-to packing material out there. You will find that it helps to prevent chips and breaks from happening. Though keep in mind, you may still need some other packing materials to help fill the box so that items are not shifting inside the box.

2. Bubble wrap

This is super lightweight, so it won’t add any weight to your boxes, which is always a plus! This is great for fragile items. However, you may use a lot of it, when compared to packing paper, so be sure that you have enough when you start to pack.

3. Styrofoam packing peanuts

These are great for making boxes packed a little tighter. However, we would not recommend that you put these packing peanuts into a box without wrapping fragile items in paper or bubble wrap since they do not offer a lot of protection.

4. Packing foam

Packing foam is what some people use, but it can get expensive. If you have fragile items that are sentimental like antiques passed down through the family then having some packing foam on hand can be a great way to ensure they arrive safely at your new location.

Here at Quality Moving & Storage, we not only offer professional movers but also packing services. If you want to leave the packing to the pros, be sure to give us a call!