emotions of moving

When it comes time to move, you may be feeling several different emotions. Here at Quality Moving and Storage, we have seen just about every type of emotion that there is geared towards moving...kids that are throwing tantrums because they do not understand what is happening, teens who are mad and sad at the same time, adults who leak a few tears saying goodbye to their first home that they had on their own, and tons of smiles from people who know that they are making the right move in moving. The emotions of moving are scattered and often can hit out of no where.

With this being said, we wanted to provide a little help when it comes to dealing with these emotions and the move. It can be stressful when dealing not only with those feelings that you have, but also with the packing and moving that you need to get done as well. So, here are a few tips that can help you!

1. Remember, that those emotions that you are feeling have to go somewhere. While many people bottle up their emotions, that is not the healthiest way to do this. You need a healthy way to express these emotions according to this podcast. You will find that Dr. Bickerton gives five ways that you can release your emotions in healthy ways that you could use during the moving process.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. When you don’t ask for help you are going to find that you may have even more emotions over this month...such as feeling as though the world is on your shoulders since you are doing it all on your own. We suggest that you consider hiring a packing crew to come in and handle the packing for you or at least give you a hand with this.

3. Prepare your kids for the move so that they can get these emotions out and start to deal with them. You will find that there are tons of books out there that you can read to your child to help them with the moving experience. Moving.com has a list of 13 books that many kids love and that really helps them to deal with the move.

4. Remember to still take some time out to relax and have some alone time. While you may feel as though if you stop for one second, that this move will never happen, but it is still important that you do not burn yourself out. Stop and order pizza, then watch something senseless on television to help cope with the stress. This little bit of unwinding time can make all the difference!

Those who are feeling the emotions about moving, realize that this is normal. We all have different feelings that come to the surface when change is involved, and moving is definitely a change! Remember, Quality Moving & Storage is here for all your packing and moving needs to help ease your stress about this move.