The most popular times to move are between May and September, but did you know moving companies offer benefits to customers who move between October and April? October to April is what’s known as the offseason for movers, because not as many people want to move during these months.

Our Long Island long-distance movers from Quality Moving & Storage are here to discuss what these extra benefits are for locals planning a move. Particularly during the winter months, moving companies like Quality Moving & Storage are ready to offer incentives to move that make your moving experience even better.

Flexible Scheduling

Fewer clients moving during the offseason means you’ll have much more flexibility when it comes to scheduling if you choose to move during this time. Quality Moving & Storage doesn’t have as many clients to attend to during October-April, so we can offer your project even more attention and customization.

You won’t be competing with our other clients for the most convenient days to move, which is one reason some customers like to move during the winter. If flexible scheduling is an important part of your move, contact our Long Island long-distance movers to learn more!

Quick Delivery

Since moving companies in Long Island have fewer clients during the offseason, there are also fewer deliveries being made. Because of this, you can have your items delivered faster. You won’t have to deal with wait times while clients ahead of you get their belongings first.

Saving Money

Lots of moving companies, like Quality Moving & Storage, offer a discount for moving during the offseason. Moving companies don’t like it when business isn’t booming, so we offer a financial incentive to move when we’re getting the least number of clients.

You can also benefit from real estate companies marking down prices for clients seeking to move into a new home during the offseason. For you, moving during October-April is an easy win-win!

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