Every year, as Spring gets closer, many parents are preparing for their college students to move back into their homes. While some college students get a place off-campus and stay there throughout the summer, other students save their money and move back home with their parents. So, what can parents do now to make sure that they are ready for this change?

In order to prepare, there are several things that you can do that will make this an easy transition for your home.

1. Where will you be putting your student’s items? The amount of things that students bring home really depends upon the situation. If you know there are going to be larger pieces of furniture, then consider short-term self-storage for these items.
2. Go ahead and schedule movers. While it may be several months away, go ahead and schedule the movers to get items from the dorm to your home or storage unit. You don’t want to wait too long as this could mean having to try to do this on your own.
3. Is it smarter to put the items into storage locally or where you live? This only applies to those who have students going to out-of-area colleges, but it is definitely something to consider.

While parents are happy to see their college students at home during the break, they may not be happy to see all their stuff coming with them. Hopefully, these tips can help you make a plan and prepare a little better so everyone can enjoy the break and relax.