When anyone moves, their pets are a part of the process. While there are tons of information out there about moving with a cat or dog, what about those who have reptiles as pets? Moving with any pet, reptile included, can make for a more complicated move -- however, there are some ways to help your reptile adjust to the move and maintain its health.

1.Check on the health of your reptile

One of the biggest tips you need to remember is to check on your reptile's health before the move. Many people have their vets do a wellness check on their reptile before moving. And you should also be paying attention to how your reptile is behaving as you get closer to the moving date to ensure it is a smooth transition.

2.Have a detailed moving plan

Have a detailed idea of how you will move your reptile to their new home. This should be included as a part of your overall moving plan. You may want to consider the food you will take with you, their enclosure, how to ensure they are safe while traveling with you, and other issues that could come along.

3.Avoid feeding reptiles 12 hours before the move

Many vets will recommend you hold off feeding your reptile for around twelve hours before the move. This way, you avoid waste being deposited into their travel enclosure and a stop to clean this up.
Also, be sure that when you are traveling, the temperature is right, and the amount of sunlight your reptile is getting is what they are used to. If you adjust any of these items while traveling, it could make for a sick reptile!

4.Set up their new home asap

Once you arrive at your new home, then setting up your reptile in their enclosure should be one of the first things that you do. You want them to be comfortable in the new home, so be sure that you keep this the same way it was at your previous location.

Be sure to keep an eye on your reptile to determine they are still in good health and have adjusted to the environment.

While we can’t move your reptile for you, we do offer professional moving and packing services that will allow you to focus your attention on your reptile during your move. Contact Quality Moving & Storage today for a free quote on your move and to help remove some of the moving stress you feel!