When you move, there are hundreds of things on your to-do list. And whether you are single and living alone, part of a couple, or have a house full of kids -- a big part of your week is getting everyone fed. But, you are still dealing with moving aspects as well.

There are many people who use the week of their move to eat out or make sandwiches every night for dinner. Both of which are an option for you. However, if you are one of those people who prefer a home-cooked meal, just because you are moving doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy meals in your home while preparing for the move.

The key to making your meal time work with your moving prep work and packing is to choose meals that are easy to make, that is not going to be time-consuming, can easily be made with one or two dishes, and may give you leftovers for the next day.

So, what types of recipes can you use? We suggest a casserole, anything that you can cook in your crockpot, and even those one-dish recipes made for the Instant Pot. To make your life a bit easier, consider:

1.  Investing into crockpot liners so that you can simply lift and toss -- it cuts down on cleaning!

2.  Get paper plates and bowls to use during your moving week to have less cleanup.

3.  Use plastic utensils during the move week.

4.  If you are making casseroles get disposable pans so you can go ahead and pack up your regular casserole dishes.

Now, that a few helpful tips are out of the way, what about the recipes you need? We suggest that you make a plan for the five days leading up to the move, and the five days after the move. Ideally, you want to have easy-to-make dinners that will allow you to focus on packing and unpacking during your move.

There are tons of recipes out there -- too many to list here. So, to make your planning a bit easier, consider looking at these websites:

These are just a small sample of the recipes that are out there for you to choose from. Now, if you are serious about making your moving week as easy as possible, consider all the services that professional movers offer. Here at Quality Moving & Storage we not only move your items but can pack these as well. Call us today at 631-392-7077 to hear more about what we offer and get your free quote!