What Is Moving Insurance & Do You Need It?

Your Long Island move will probably be stressful. While you may have us handling everything from packing to relocating to your new home -- there will still be those moments of stress when you realize that you are moving away from your current location. For many people, their move is a bit harder when they are emotionally connected to where they are leaving.

With this being said, the key to helping yourself feel better about your move is to ensure that you are protected during your move. This is where moving insurance comes into the equation. But do you need moving insurance for your Long Island area move? Doesn't the moving company cover you? We will answer all these questions and more so you can make an educated decision.

What Is Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance is a policy meant to protect your belongings should something happen. It gives you peace of mind in knowing that your belongings will be replaced for you should an accident occur. Think of moving insurance like your other insurance policies- it protects you from those "what if" situations.

Do You Need Moving Insurance For Your Long Island Move?

So, the main question that many movers in Long Island ask is whether they need to get moving insurance. Every moving company on the up and up will offer some moving insurance to their customers that is a part of the price given. However, the national guideline is that movers only protect items at .60 cents per pound. 

That doesn't sound so bad, right? But consider a scenario in which you have a priceless art piece passed down from generation to generation -- it weighs around 10 pounds. If something happened to the piece, you would get $6.00 reimbursed because you did not have additional moving insurance on such a valuable object.

Hence, for this reason, many people consider getting additional moving insurance to help protect their belongings better. 

Does Homeowners Or Renter's Insurance Cover Moving?

Every individual policy is different; thus, you may want to look into your current homeowners' or renters' policy to determine if moving is covered. If not, your provider may be able to give you options for adding the moving insurance for the moving time frame. 

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