Moving can be a stressful process but with the right plan in place, you can reduce the headache. Moving into a new home involves a lot of decisions, scheduling, and carrying out important steps. From packing to scheduling movers and more, organizing your move ahead of time ensures a smoother transition. In this post, the residential movers here at Quality Moving & Storage will go over five advance planning tips for an upcoming household move.

Declutter Your Home

One of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce stress during a move is to declutter your home before packing. This will not only make it easier to pack and transport your belongings, but it will also help you save on storage and moving costs. Schedule time to go through each room of your home and sort through your belongings. Get rid of anything you no longer need or want and donate, sell, or recycle unwanted items. Make sure you also rid your home of any food perishables by consuming them, donating them, or disposing of them.

Don't Wait To Start Packing

It may seem counterintuitive to start packing before you know your moving date, but it's actually one of the best ways to reduce stress. Packing can be a time-consuming process, so getting a head start ensures you're not scrambling to pack at the last minute. Plus, it's a great opportunity to declutter as you go. As you pack each room, sort through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer need.

Create A Packing Schedule

If you're working with a limited amount of time, creating a packing schedule can be a lifesaver. Start by estimating how long it will take you to pack each room then break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, if you're moving in two weeks, you might plan to pack one room per day. This will help you stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Set Up & Cancel Utilities & Services

One of the most important things to do before moving is to set up utilities and services at your new home and cancel utilities at your old home. This includes things like electricity, water, gas, internet, and more. Most companies require you to set up service ahead of time, so be sure to plan ahead. Canceling your utilities is important to ensure you don’t get charged for a home you no longer are in.

Contact Moving Companies As Soon As You Can

If you need help from a moving company for your move, like us here at Quality Moving & Storage, make sure you start containing them today! Getting in touch with local movers and long-distance movers can help you get free pricing quotes and ensure that they have availability in their schedule for your moving day. Not doing so means you might not be able to get them to help you with your move. 

Enjoy A Stress-Free Move

These five advance planning tips will help you prepare for a successful move. By decluttering your home, packing ahead of time, and contacting moving companies, you can reduce stress and make the process much smoother.