Odd Superstitions Many Swear Starts Their Move Off Right

When it is time to move from your current Long Island, NY location, you can use several tips and tricks to make your move a bit easier. However, if you believe in superstitions, there are several of those out there that many people swear they utilize to start their move off on the right foot.

Whether you believe in superstitions or old wives' tales, these odd superstitions surrounding a move are definitely entertaining!

1. Do Not Pack An Old Mop, Broom Or Vacuum To Your New Place

This is one superstition that is going to cost you! The idea is that you are not taking any bad vibes from your old home into your new home. 

Do the bad vibes come from the dirt and debris these items have picked up? That is not certain. However, many firmly believe in not taking anything old and dirty like this into their new home. 

2. Light A Candle

When you first get into your new home, light a candle, whether it is scented or unscented doesn’t matter. The idea behind lighting a candle is to make your home more welcoming and cast out any darkness.

Of course, for many people, lighting their favorite scent is more about making their home feel like home because of the smell.

3. Don’t Move When It Is Raining

Rainy days are often given a bad reputation as being unlucky. However, let’s face it: Sometimes your move has been booked months in advance, so you must protect yourself and your belongings during a rainy move.

Why is moving in the rain considered bad luck? There doesn’t seem to be one good reason for this belief, but somewhere along the line, this superstition has developed.

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