While Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22, many people will now be starting to gear up for a Fall move. A Fall move is often the prime time for many people to decide to move. Why is this? They are often find that the cooler temperatures just make this more relaxing! And everyone knows that a relaxing move is far and few between. With this being said, we have some advice that can help you with your Fall move.

Why Choose a Fall Move Date?

For those who are still contemplating a move, they have a few choices of when they move. Moving during the Fall is often the best choice for many people. Mainly because it offers two huge benefits!

  1. Often moving services are cheaper during the Fall. As you know, prime time moving season is during the Summer. Once the Fall time hits, most moving companies have a more open schedule and can do this when you need!
  2. The cooler temperatures are a huge drawl to those who are ready to move! This is usually not too hot or too cold! And the added bonus is that while you are transporting your items to your new location you get to see the changing season in action while driving.

Tips for Making a Fall Move

There are several tips that you can utilize for your Fall move that is going to make this much easier for you and your movers!

  1. Be sure to clear the walkways around your home. If they are full of leaves, remove these. Leaves that are scattered on the concrete walkway can make this slick. And a slick walkway combined with carrying boxes out to a truck can be a recipe for a disaster!
  2. Be sure that you dress appropriately. You are going to find that the weather may be cooler. So, you are going to want to dress so that you are not too cold and not too hot.
  3. Be sure to have your rain gear ready and at hand. During the Fall, small rain showers are common in many areas throughout the United States, so be sure to have a raincoat ready to go!

Remember, if you are ready to move and want to do so with less stress, consider hiring professional movers! Here at Quality Moving and Storage, we are here to help regardless of what time of season it is!