Many people who move to Long Island or the outskirts of this area are going to be moving into apartments. Even though they are moving into apartments, they still have the option of utilizing a moving company like Quality Moving & Storage. However, this does differ slightly than when moving into a home that you may own or be renting. Why the difference? Location!

Why Location Makes a Difference

In many cases, apartments are in congested areas. These areas often see more traffic than those homes located in suburbs. So, the amount of traffic can make a difference on how you can move into the building. This is something that you will want to tell your moving company so that the proper considerations can be made to make this move as easy as possible.

Tips to Help with an Apartment Move

The actual process of moving into an apartment is not much different than if you were moving into a stand-alone house. You still need to ensure that everything is packed properly, and you still need to be present in order to accept the shipment of materials. Due to the location of the apartment, there will be some small differences, and these tips can help ensure the move is flawless:

  1. If there is an elevator, talk to the building superintendent. Is there a way to reserve the elevator for your unloading or loading time? This can make it much faster for the movers, who may not have to spend a lot of time waiting for this elevator to arrive.
  2. No elevator, but stairs to contend with? Be sure that you mention this to the movers so that they can bring the right tools to get heavier items up to the apartment.
  3. What about the parking at the building? Many apartment buildings have unloading docks that can be used for those moving in or out of the building. Others can arrange for street side parking during the less busy times of the day so that you are not unloading from a parking lot or a parking garage.
  4. Is there a certain time frame that you can move into the building? Many apartments limit the time that new residents can move into the building so that this does not disrupt the lives of others who are living here. Be sure to check this out with the landlord.
  5. Make sure that your items can fit into the apartment now, rather than later. It is a huge stressor to get to an apartment and find that the dresser you have will not fit through the door. Many apartments have different space dimensions than a stand-alone house.

Whether you are moving into the suburbs or an apartment, Quality Moving & Storage is here for your moving needs, just give us a call!