What happens when your moving day is met with rain, maybe a little wind and a huge headache? Does that mean that your move is going to postponed? Can you move in the rain? These are common questions that people have when they are having to deal with rain on their moving day. The good news: you can move in the rain. There is no reason that the rain is going to hold back the moving crew unless we are talking hurricane force storms, flooding and the like. In that event, you will be notified that the weather is going to cause some issues for your move.

When you are dealing with just some thunderstorms and constant rain, your move is still going to go as scheduled. However, you may find that there are a few things that you can do in order to make this a bit easier, and to help to avoid boxes becoming soggy messes when the rain hits them.

1.  Keep those cleaning supplies handy!

While you may be tempted to box up the mop, paper towels and other cleaning supplies as soon as movers arrive to get these out of the way, you need to keep them. Your movers are going to lay down floor protection, but when there is a lot of rain, you may find yourself having to mop up a few puddles here and there to make everything safe for everyone.

2.  Try to arrange for the moving truck to get as close as possible to the door.

This is going to help to ensure that your items are not in the rain for longer than they have to be. However, this is not always possible, and we understand that. For those who cannot get the moving truck as close as possible to their home, then they are going to find that there are other alternatives. For example, try to make a makeshift covering for the movers to walk under with tarps and the like. You may also find that wrapping boxes in plastic wrap can be a great way to add some protection to your moving boxes.

3.  Have a stack of towels to wipe down boxes inside the truck and upon arriving at your new location

Have a stack of towels that can be used to wipe down boxes to avoid water just setting on these and penetrating the cardboard while you are moving. There is nothing worse than dealing with wet cardboard boxes that are going to come apart with ease.

While you may be dealing with rain, Quality Moving & Storage has the experience to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch despite the wet conditions!