Moving into a new home is a complicated process. Not only are you unpacking and putting up those items that you need right now, you are also turning a house into a home. When moving into a new home, most people are focused on unpacking, getting their TV and internet set up, and getting their furniture in the perfect location. They are not worried about decor, but we all know that making your new house feel like home is going to take more than simply unpacking.

For those who are moving into a new house, here are some professional tips that are given by stagers and professional designers to get this house feel more like home! For those who are moving into a new house that already feels like home, count yourself lucky! Most people need to do a few projects to get their new house into the home that they have always envisioned. These tips are for those people!

  1. If you need flooring, the best time to do this is before the furniture arrives, before the boxes are piled up to the ceiling. You will find that getting new floor put down while the house is empty is ideal! Bonus tip: If you have had new flooring put down, cover the floor in old towels, sheets or tarps to keep it from getting damaged when movers and your belongings arrive.

  2. Go ahead and do any painting that you wanted to get done before your items arrive. There is nothing like moving into a freshly painted home!

  3. Put in shelving units in the garage or basement. This can make it ten times easier to put up those boxes that you may not need now, such as boxes of holiday decor.

  4. Have carpet cleaned if you are keeping them. It is ten times easier for professionals to get in and clean these carpets when there is no one or anything in these rooms. 

These are your basic decor tips that are meant to make the house feel more like home. Other decor ideas will come along as you get settled in and these small decor items are sure to make your home look more like your personality!