Moving during the spring and summer is a bit easier than moving during the winter time. However, there are still issues that you have to contend with and prepare for. We have 10 tips that you can use to make sure that your spring/summer move goes off without an issue!

1. Stay hydrated! Even if you are not physically moving your items, and you hire a professional like Quality Moving & Storage to handle your items, you still need to make sure that you are staying hydrated. While spring temperatures are no where near what the summer temperatures can get like, you can still become dehydrated, which can lead to injuries and sickness.

2. Prepare for wet weather. During the spring and summer, it is not unexpected to have pop up rain showers happen from time to time. If you are moving and wet weather hits, be sure that you have some old towels and the like to wipe down items and to clean up the entry way where people are going in and out with your belongings.

3. Consider using moving pads and blankets rather than shrink wrap with the furniture. Why is this? Shrink wrap can make your items sweat, depending upon how long they are on the truck or in storage.

4. Have a safe place for pets and kids. When the weather is nice, kids and pets are going to want to be outdoors. However, if you are moving, you may not have to the time to watch them as you should. Be sure that you arrange for someone to pet sit and baby sit while moving.

5. Have some quick snacks on hand to keep up your strength. And your movers would appreciate a protein bar from time to time as well!

6. Turn off the AC when moving in and out of a home. There is no reason for you to pay the electric bills for this when the doors will remain open a lot of the time. Instead, wait until the doors are shut to turn on the AC.

7. Candles are something that you are going to want to pack to keep with you...they will melt on extremely hot days in a moving truck or storage facility.

Remember, when moving in hot weather, special considerations have to be made. However, with the help of a professional moving company, you can make it much easier on yourself!