The first day of Fall was official yesterday. While the weather may not be as Fall feeling as what we are used to, it is sure to turn any day now! With this being said, we have compiled a few tips that we want those who are planning a move in the Fall to remember so that they are more than prepared for their upcoming move. The good news is that most people who move in the Fall are not facing the heat that Summer moves face or pop up thunderstorms...which always make a move feel as though it will never end.

The Weather Issue

So what issues do you face when moving in the Fall? Will it rain...perhaps. Will there be freezing temperatures...perhaps. Could you see is possible. That is why the weather forecast is going to be your best friend! While the weather changes from one hour to the next, if you follow this as you get closer to your moving date, you are going to be able to plan around the weather and what you may facing.

Always Keep Safety In Mind

When the weather may change at the last minute during the Fall, you need to make sure that you are considering new safety measures to take to keep safe. For example, if you know that it is going to be raining, then opt for rain boots rather than sneakers. If strong wind is an issue, then consider having the movers use the garage to back up to in order to avoid the wind possible catching your belongings while loading.

Make Sure there is No Debris Outside

Remember, when you are moving, you and the movers will be going in and out of the home periodically throughout the day. During the Fall you can experience a lot of wind, so be sure there are not items that could interfere or even hurt people. However, if you are moving, chances are you have done your diligence in removing debris outside and ensuring it all looks great.

Overall, Fall can be a great time to move. The temperatures are cooler, but you do have to factor in some harsher weather. But, it can easily be dealt with. Remember, if you are going to move soon, call Quality Moving & Storage to handle your move. We are the professionals when it comes to moving in any weather condition.