Think Twice Before Thinking You Have No Weight To Your Move

When you move, the weight of your move often dictates the price that you pay. However, what do you think of when you call to book your move and ask for an estimated item weight? You think of those large items throughout your home -- your oversized couch, the enormous television stand that you have, maybe even your bedroom suite. However, you may be surprised that your moves weight can add up when you think about the little things you are packing in boxes.

How much weight can you expect with some average everyday items that you are packing in boxes for your professional movers to handle? Check out some of these fun facts!

1. On average, a person moves 31 to 47 pounds of pots and pans from their kitchen.
2. If you haven’t cleaned out your closets before a move, this is definitely something that you want to do. On average, when people clean out their closets yearly, they get rid of or donate around 60 to 70 pounds of clothes. If you do not go through your closets before a move, this is an additional 60 to 70 pounds that you will be paying to move.
3. How many outfits do you wear throughout the week in your closet, including shoes? On average, the clothing and shoes we wear are around 10 pounds. If you have enough outfits to carry you throughout the week without washing, that is 70 pounds right there. However, if you have a month’s worth of clothing and a pair of shoes to wear daily with these outfits -- you could have up to 300 pounds of clothing and shoes to move!
4. For avid readers, if you have a small bookcase full of hardcover books, each book can weigh anywhere from 1 to 7 pounds depending upon the thickness. Think about two shelves of books that weigh 3 pounds each, and you could have 25 books in total. That is an additional 75 pounds to pack and move!

What does all of this tell you? That your move is going to have some weight to it. After all, the average household move weighs the same as a Toyota Camry! So, before you think that you have nothing of real weight to move -- think again!

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