Lake Ronkonkoma

Many people enjoy looking back over time and relishing the past.

There is much we can learn from looking back at history which is why many people work hard to preserve it. The Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society is no different. They have managed to save a piece of Long Island history that allows us to look back on life in the 1800s.

As Ronkonkoma movers, we are proud of the heritage of this place. We enjoy seeing how things have changed and how some things have stayed the same. 

At Quality Moving & Storage, we have seen how Ronkonkoma has changed over the years.  People move to and from the community. New houses are built as old ones are torn down.  The Ronkonkoma Historical Society has ensured that we will have a lasting treasure in the community.

They opened a museum at the Ronkonkoma Free Library to house many photographs and artifacts that were given the society by area citizens. Later on, the Hallock Homestead was donated to the society by their last surviving family member. The home contains all of the original furnishings and serves as an eyeglass into life back in the 1800s.

It is important to treasure our history and the Ronkonkoma Historical Society has done a terrific job of doing just that. We take pride in being from Ronkonkoma and we are glad that a piece of it will go unscathed for years to come.

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