Are you ready to move? Do you have kids? We realize how stressful it can be when moving with kids, and just how emotional it can be as well. For that reason, we have combined a few tips to help you ensure that you are making this move easier for the kids, and easier on you, in the long run.

Here are a few tips that you can utilize as parents to get your kids ready for the move:

  1. Tell them about this move so that they have enough time to adjust. Do not spring this move on them out of the middle of nowhere. Allow them to have the time to tell friends goodbye and to prepare mentally for a move.
  2. Allow them to see the area that they are moving to before you move, so that they can start getting familiar with what it has to offer.
  3. Talk about your new home to get them used to this. It also helps to point out some of the benefits that they may be gaining from moving to this area, such as a nearby park, a swimming pool in the backyard or the like.
  4. Let kids help with the packing process as this can help them to mentally get ready for what is to tome.
  5. Allow kids to pack a box with special items that they want to keep with them for when the movers come and start to transport the boxes to your new home. This little box needs to have a favorite stuffed animal, book or the like in which the child is going to identify with and make them feel more at home.

Moving is always hard, but when kids are involved it can seem harder. The key to this is preparation and realizing that the feelings kids have about moving is usually more nerves than anything. You will get through this. Don’t forget that we can help with the heavy lifting, which could get at least one item off of your personal to-do list. We move people throughout the Long Island area, and would be delighted to help you.