For those who are looking to move, probably the biggest fear they have is that they are going to be constantly dealing with things going wrong during this move. That is why we recommend that you be as organized as possible so that you are avoiding any issues that could arise when dealing with a move. While there are some things that you cannot plan for, you are going to find that through organization and planning, many disasters can be avoided.

With this being said, here are some tips for organizing your move to avoid issues later:

  1. Always label your boxes or have your own system for knowing what is in a box and what room in which this goes into.
  2. Declutter your belongings, as there is no point in packing items that you do not need, it makes more work for later.
  3. Start packing early to avoid simply throwing items into boxes and hoping for the best.
  4. Having a priority system for marking boxes, this can make it easier to unpack since you know the priority of these boxes.
  5. Ensure that you have an overnight bag packed with items you will need after you move and before your belongings have been unpacked.
  6. Have an unpacking plan knowing which room goes first, and the like. This can make things much easier on you!
  7. Having a list for moving, check off items as you go. This list can contain dates to be ready, items to pack now, reminders for changing addresses and the like.
  8. Try to have someone watch your children while packing and moving, to ensure that you are not being distracted.
  9. Avoid disaster by not making boxes weigh more than 50 pounds.
  10. Ensure you have enough packing materials. Remember it is better to have too much, then to have too little.

For those who are ready to move, Quality Moving and Storage is here for you. We are a phone call away to helping ensure your move is easier and stress free.