Surviving moving day means having numerous things in order. For one, you must be packed. Two, you need to ensure your movers are there on time and ready to load your items, which is not an issue when using Quality Moving and Storage. And three, you need to ensure that you have what you need to complete this move. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when they are packing is that they pack everything, and we mean everything. They pack those items that they are going to need before bedtime, they pack those necessities that include medications that they need to take. If you do this, you can almost guarantee that you are going to look back on this moving experience as one that was horrible and one in which you would never want to repeat.

Our advice to you: Have a moving day suitcase or bucket full of those things that you are going to need while your belongings are in boxes on a truck going to your new home.

So, what should this moving day kit have in it? There are numerous things that you may need, and here are some of the top items to include:

-  Toilet paper

-  All your current medications as well as some aspirin or other pain medication, as you may have an awful tension headache from the move, especially if you are moving long distances

-  A Swiss Army Knife or the equivalent for finally opening those boxes and completing your unpacking phase

-  Trash bags…large trash bags for all the junk that you may be throwing out

-  Cleaning supplies: After all, you may want to clean your new home before you unpack…which is a great idea!

-  Your phone charger is a must have!

-  Basic hygiene items like deodorant, tooth brush and paste, comb and the like

-  Some bottled water

-  Energy bars to help you get through the cleaning and unpacking phase before going out for dinner or ordering in

-  A first aid kit…especially needed when you cut your hand with the knife or box!

If you plan, your move does not have to be one that you regret. Instead, it can be a rather hectic, but overall great day in your life!