Many clients who utilize our moving services are a crossroads in their lives. They may have sold their current home or perhaps their lease was up and they must move. In any situation, they have yet to find their new home. When this is the situation, storing your belongings while still shopping for a new place to live is considered the best way to get through this. Luckily, when you utilize Quality Moving & Storage for your needs, you can benefit from our moving and our Long Island Storage options.

Our History with Storage

We have bene providing storage solutions for residential and commercial needs for over twenty years. Thus, we do know what we are doing. And we pride ourselves on having a state of the art facility, along with rave customer reviews on the service that we provide our customers. Our rates are affordable, and we can accommodate your belongings for as long as you may need this done. Thus, you do not have to feel rushed to find a home that may not be a perfect fit. Instead, take your time, find the perfect home and then we can move your belongings into the new house.

Is Storage for You?

When a person is thinking of a move, they often think of having these items picked up and delivered with a day or two timeframe. But, what if you don’t have a new location? There is no way that these items can be delivered. Therefore, storage is your only option. A few other signs that point to storage being the ideal solution for you:

1.  You just received news your new location will not be move in ready for a few extra days.

2.  You are unsure of where you are relocating to.

Storage options can make a move a bit easier. Instead of worrying about where to put your items, you can rest assure that they are safe and secure…one less worry on your mind! 

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