A common question that we are asked when customers call to schedule a move with us, is whether we will move those house plants they have? This is a difficult question to answer. Why is this? You would be amazed at how many regulations are in place when it comes to a moving company relocating a customer who also has house plants.

The Rules to Abide By

There are several rules that must be taken into consideration. For example:

  1. Many states require that these plants be inspected before allowing to be moved into a residence. They are inspected for pests and overall health.
  2. Other states specify that certain types of plants cannot be moved by a professional moving company.

While these rules may not pertain to New York, we always recommend that you check with the local chapter of the US Department of Agriculture to see what type of restrictions are on your plant.

Our Recommendations for Moving House Plants

For those who are utilizing Quality Moving & Storage for their moving needs in New York, we highly recommend that you move your house plants on your own. Or, if you are fine with parting with these, consider giving these as gifts to your neighbors, friends or family. Why are these our recommendations? For several reasons:

  1. If you move this on your own, you can ensure that it is not shocked as much as it would be if placed inside of a moving truck.
  2. While we take all the precautionary steps to ensure your furniture and belongings are safe, anchoring a house plant is a bit harder and we cannot guarantee the health of the plant when it arrives at your home.

Most importantly though, if you move your house plant on your own you are going to be able to better control the temperature, the time in which the plant may be exposed to the outdoor elements, and so forth.

House plants are considered living things, thus, when moving be sure that you take extra precautions to protect this. And remember, Quality Moving & Storage is always here for your moving and storage needs!