Many people who utilize professional movers, often opt to use professional packers as well. However, they are not sure of how this is going to work. Do you have to do nothing? Can you just sit back and watch as they pack everything? Yes and no. While you are going to remove the stress of having to pack everything for yourself, there are still a few things you can do make this move a success, ensure that the packers can get done in a fast time, and then get your move underway.

Have Something Special? Let Packers Know

Once you arrange for this service, if you know that you have something that may be different than what a typical family has to pack, let these movers know! For example, tell them if you have several one of a kind paintings that will need to be packed. This way, packers come prepared. And this means that the job gets completed sooner!

Purge your Items

This is really to benefit you. There is no reason that you should be paying your packers to pack things that you no longer need. Therefore, a few days before packers arrive, be sure to go through things and get rid of those things that you no longer need. Donate these or even have a garage sale to make a little extra cash.

Designate a No Pack Zone

These will be items that you are taking with you in your personal vehicle. You can place this in a huge container and write DO NOT PACK on these, or even designate an area or room that is off limits. Things that you may not want your packers to pack will be electronics, your medications, or important documents.

Be in Hosting Mode

Be sure to show your packers where they are expected to pack items, and address any concerns that you may have. Be a thoughtful host though, offer bottled water or even snacks. While many packers may have their own, it is always nice when a client shows how thoughtful and grateful they are for the service that is being provided.

Pack Small Things Beforehand

For those who want to make the packing process even easier, be sure that you pack up some of those smaller items. For example, have a junk drawer, then pack this yourself. You can also pack your personal clothing that you may not need for a few days before this is unpacked. If you do this, the move and packing session can go even faster!

Be sure to contact Quality Moving & Storage when you are ready to move, so that we can make this process a stress-free experience!