We have had several situations in which customers have a large fish tank that must be moved with them. However, it is not as easy to move a fish tank as what most people think. Therefore, we highly recommend that you go with professional movers when you have big items like this that you want safely at your new home. With this being said, let’s highlight just why fish tanks are such a worry when moving and how you can avoid any issues when you arrive at your new home!

The Problems with Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are considered one of the hardest things to move in the moving industry. It ranks right up there with pianos and precious artwork. Most people would see a fish tank and think no problem…and that is the case when you are talking about a small tank. However, there are several fish enthusiasts who have 55+ gallon tanks that require two professionals to carry with one on each end! The problems with fish tanks are:

-  When they still contain the fish and water, they become almost impossible to move without damaging the tank or killing the fish.

-  The temperature of these tanks is regulated; thus, they are harder to put on the back of a truck, and this is why fish are considered pets. We will move the tank for you, but you will want to remove your fish!

How to Prepare your Fish Tank to Be Moved

Prior to the professionals arriving at your home, you will need to take some steps to ensure that the fish tank is ready to be moved. These steps are:

  1. Remove the fish and put them into bags or smaller tanks that you can move yourself. Use the tank water in these new habitats to ensure they are not shocked!
  2. Take out the water from the tank, along with any rock or decorations. This makes the tank lighter and less likely to suffer a break later.
  3. Transport the fish on your own. Be careful to avoid sloshing and other injuries.
  4. Once you arrive at your new home, the fish tank is one of the first items that you need to set up! Be sure to follow the rules on getting your fish back into the tank with the right water temperature and the like.

For those who are ready to move and do have a fish tank, the professionals at Quality Moving & Storage are here for you. We understand that fish are pets just like dogs or cats. Therefore, we want you to get to your new home and have everything needed for your fish to take up where they were at your old home!