This week is National Dog Week, and in honor of all the dogs that are out there, we are compiling a great list of tips to keep your dog safe and happy while moving!

  1. Make sure that your dog has his or her own overnight kit. This kit should include dog food, dog toys, special blankets or bedding that he or she may like, and a few grooming tools. You want your furry friend to feel like they are still in your old home!
  2. Make sure that you take their vet records with you, that does include the immunization paperwork as well, especially if you are planning on moving out of town and need to find a new vet.
  3. When the movers do arrive, keep your dog out of the path of action. A few suggestions: if you have a fenced in back yard at your new home, let him or her play outside while the movers are coming in. Or you could pick one room in your new home and put him or her in there…just be sure to give them access to those toys, water and items that will make them feel comfortable.
  4. Be sure that you get your furry friend a new ID tag with your new home address ASAP. The sooner the better, in the event that he or she gets out of your new home and wanders the neighborhood.
  5. Make sure that you stick with the consistent routine that you have set for your dog. You want to still take him or her outside for a walk and to use the bathroom at the usual times.

Moving with a dog is not going to be easy. Dogs are a lot like small children, they simply don’t like the change of leaving the home that they have always known. The main thing to remember: keep an eye on your furry friend. The first few weeks at a new home can be stressful and they may be tempted to run away to explore all the new smells and sounds that surround them.